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Kafr El-Sheikh Death Row Political Detainees in Day 6 of Hunger Strike
Kafr El-Sheikh Death Row Political Detainees in Day 6 of Hunger Strike
Protesting severe abuse for themselves in detention, as well as for their families in visits, prisoners of conscience refuse all food for sixth day running.
Wednesday, April 20,2016 04:55

Death penalty detainees, in the case known as "the bombing of Kafr El-Sheikh stadium", started a full hunger-strike which is now in its sixth day running, because of the brutal treatment of some prison officers, who threw one of them in solitary confinement to punish him, and took away all their personal belongings: food, blankets and medicine.

Notably, orders were never signed by the military governor in Alexandria. Thus, locking detainees in solitary confinement is certainly in violation of the law.

Moreover, detainees' families are subjected to the worst and most humiliating treatment, and the most savage insults during visits.

Relatives of the detainees exhort all human rights organizations to intervene to stop the abuses practiced by the prison administration and guards against their loved ones.

To contact relatives of detainees:

Ahmed Salama: Phone 01021220376

Lutfi: Phone 01094088913

Ahmed Abdel-Hadi: Phone 01061525898
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