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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement: Coup Media Machine Launch Lie Campaign Against Group
Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement: Coup Media Machine Launch Lie Campaign Against Group
A press statement from the Muslim Brotherhood's Secretary General Dr Mahmoud Hussein.
Sunday, April 10,2016 23:08

Over the past few days, coup propaganda press and media machine launched a campaign of slander and utter lies to discredit the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, acting in place of Chairman Mohamed Badie (who is currently in detention).

This massive campaign is spreading many false news and sham analysis, claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood has signed a deal with the coup commanders, selling out the Revolution.

We reiterate here that attempts to question the legitimacy of the group's leadership in dubious propaganda, and to misrepresent its strategic decisions and actions to re-structure its consultative and administrative bodies, claiming that the aim of these measures is preparation for reconciliation with the junta and the coup regime, and spreading utter lies saying that the group will leave the political arena for several years – all these are desperate maneuvers and outright lies.

Those concoctions are purely baseless, unfounded. In the statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood's Acting Chairman (Dr Ezzat), and also in the statement issued by the Supreme Administrative Committee recently elected by the group's General Shura Council, by a majority of members – at home and abroad, as well as in all statements issued by the Brotherhood, the group reaffirmed that it will continue to embrace the peaceful revolutionary resistance until the coup is ultimately defeated, and until all the goals of the January 25 (2011) Revolution are achieved.

All those statements also reaffirmed that we will never give up the rights of the martyrs, the wounded and the detainees, that we will never negotiate with the criminals whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent Egyptians, and that we will not give up the right to reinstate the legitimacy of the people's democratic choices or the legitimacy of the steadfast President Mohamed Morsi, the icon of the Egyptian 2011 Revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates that it will not compromise in any way on the sacrifices made by the Egyptian people, including the sons and daughters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Those who make up and spread such false news should wise-up and desist. They should know that their utter lies will have no impact on the Muslim Brotherhood, and will not stop it from moving strongly forward, on the path of peaceful revolutionary struggle until the overthrow of the coup regime.

Dr Mahmoud Hussein

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary General

Wednesday – April 6, 2016



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