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Egypt Detainees Plea Protests Administration Violations, Atrocities
Egypt Detainees Plea Protests Administration Violations, Atrocities
In addition to the fact that they are innocent citizens unjustly jailed for their political views, Wadi Natrun Prison inmates are regularly attacked and brutally beaten and deprived of essential medical treatments.
Monday, March 28,2016 10:13

 Wadi Natron Prison detainees released a number of pleas and open letters protesting the ill-treatment they are suffering in jail, with some getting beaten and brutally abused. Under the title Call to Humanity, the detainees appealed to all the media and human rights organizations to report and help stop the systematic violations against them.

The main plea text was as follows:

Call to humanity and all those interested in or working for human rights, combating abuses against political prisoners and persecution in Egyptian prisons...

We, the detainees in Wadi Natrun Prison Complex - Block 430, call upon all the media and all human rights organizations to uncover the truth about what is really going on inside this prison. The administration and wardens systematically use various means and methods to abuse, punish and violate the rights of political prisoners, including:

1. Confinement inside cells, no physical exercise, ferocious inspections of cells – by prison officers led by Major Mohamed Sobhi, Mohamed Gharbaoui and Mohamed Yunis. Any cell where a detainee demands his rights incurs a collective punishment: complete lock-up, no exercise, violent attacks under the pretext of inspection, illegal removal of personal belongings including clothes, and generally abusing and torturing detainees psychologically and physically.

2. Overcrowding each cell with far too many inmates. It is not unusual to find 30 detainees in cells originally intended for only 14 prisoners. Detainees cannot find sufficient room to sleep or pray. More importantly, they often cannot even breathe. Hence, life is often impossible inside these.

3. Medical neglect, especially for inmates who suffer chronic or dangerous diseases. Those are prevented from getting necessary treatment. Moreover, detainees are badly mistreated at the prison hospital by both officers and doctors – who deal with prisoners in a brutal inhuman way, completely ignoring patients who really need surgical operations or medicines etc.

Telephone numbers for relatives of Wadi Natrun Prison detainees:

Mohamed Seddiq Alnaguli: 01009886975

Albaraa Imad: 01022848080

Amr Alfahil: 01004329219 and 01009963251

Ashraf Ahmed Abul-Fotouh: 01021071388 and 01005534407

Mohamed Shaaban: 01000632124

Yahya Ikl: 01012050002 and 01007917252

Mohamed Abdul-Hadi Elsayed: 01095158110

Adel Fahmi: 01019451194

Khaled Herbeid: 01069329374

Mahmoud Mustafa: 01016873194 and 01007056536

Mustafa Mahmoud: 01006817380

Abdul-Rahman Shohaib: 01017744746 and 01006660253

Khaled Abdul-Fattah: 01003918827 and 01060521205

Abdallah Al-Tantawi: 01011937828

Amr El-Ghandour: 01069785753

Ahmed Essam: 01127171189

Khaled Diab: 01001649706

Ayman Ahmed Nasr: 01005892549

Samir Kasbah: 01017851452

Abdul-Rahman Mohamed: 01006171890

Osama Shabrawi: 01066503440 and 01004844640

Ahmed Hossam-ul-Deen: 01094040170

Anas Mamdouh: 0502153699 and 01066874112

Abdullah Salama: 01202824166

Mohamed Abdel-Hamid: 01069551787

Elsayed Elzimaity: 01018642681

Ibrahim Alkatib: 01010478988

Islam Fouda: 01018618881

Hosni Al-Husseini: 01014415079

Abdul-Rahman Al-Tahiri Habib: 01011559378
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