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Anti-Coup Alliance Calls 'Unflinching Revolution' Week of Non-Violent Protest Action
Anti-Coup Alliance Calls 'Unflinching Revolution' Week of Non-Violent Protest Action
Egypt's broadbased pro-democracy coalition exhorts all Egyptians – individuals, groups and organizations – for revolutionary unity in mass anti-coup protests Friday.
Friday, March 25,2016 11:47

 The traitorous criminal Al-Sisi chose the remnants of a failed government to torture Egyptians with poverty which is increasing sharply without a solution in sight, shamefully seeking the help of officials from the dark days of another despot: Mubarak, in whose footsteps Sisi follows, and whose policies Sisi is using to sabotage Egypt.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance announces clearly that it stands steadfast, fully devoted to the Egypt President Morsi endeavored for – strong, proud, protects the poor and future generations, and produces its own food and medicine.

We are still committed to Sisi's ouster. He has ruined Egypt and drove Egyptians more than ever before into the depths of poverty, absurdly high prices and unprecedented oppression. Certainly, Egypt is better for all citizens without the heinous traitor and mass-murderer Sisi and his gang.

The Alliance has full confidence in the Revolution and its steadfast men and women, and their ability to defeat the coup. We call on those who have been demoralized to resist hopelessness. Our unflinching Revolution does not know despair.

The Alliance calls on all Egyptians to join our huge demonstrations Friday, under the title "Unflinching Revolution".

To the people of Egypt...

The Sinai is being violated at the hands of criminals, with soldiers and officers falling victims of the failure of the criminal traitor Al-Sisi. Innocent judges are ousted by the counter-revolution that rejects every last patriot, and covers up the escape of Al-Zind who insulted the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Peasants suffer the most. Unemployment increases by leaps and bounds. The country's most essential financial resources are decreasing fast. The citizens' burdens are increasing, as the economy falls apart. Water resources are threatened by Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam. Thus, there is no alternative to uniting to save Egypt and wrest the rights of Egyptians.

We must all wake up before it is too late. We are all together in this crisis. We are not a party to any violence. We certainly are committed to non-violence. We will remain true to our pledges to all Egyptians in spite of all the demonization, distortion and lies that target us, and despite the junta's militias that burn our homes, and the continuous fabrication of charges against innocent patriots everywhere.

We have dedicated ourselves to God and to the love of this dear homeland, in which we were born and raised… and many thousands of us have been imprisoned. Incidentally, some of those innocent patriots were released Wednesday from the junta prisons. They remain steadfast, never abandoning any of the Revolution's principles, nor popular will. We solemnly salute all those still steadfast in prisons – irrespective of their political orientations. We also salute all the poor and the oppressed.

To all the patriotic groups in Egypt...

It is high time we joined hands in endeavors for popular will and the demands of the January 25, 2011 Revolution. Let us save Egypt today, and protect the future of all Egyptians. Everybody made mistakes. But we have a repressive military rule that tramples the rights of everyone, including civil society and institutions.

We will not stop our protest marches across the homeland; we will not recognize or accept the military coup; we will not abandon the rights of any of the Revolution's martyrs, until Egypt is liberated from poverty and injustice, and until every Egyptian reclaims his or her right to a decent life in which freedoms, dignity and free-speech are safeguarded, in a broadbased partnership of all Egyptians seeking to live free, without discrimination, in order to build and rejuvenate – all of us together – and save what is left of Egypt, our beloved homeland.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Thursday – March 24, 2016
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