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Rights Group Condemns Security Forces Burning Anti-Coup Detainees' Homes
Rights Group Condemns Security Forces Burning Anti-Coup Detainees' Homes
Rights organization ECRF denounces a new wave of vindictive atrocities by coup apparatuses, and demands an urgent investigation into the torching of detainees' homes, to hold accountable all those involved.
Tuesday, March 22,2016 04:58

 Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF) condemns arson attacks by coup security forces on the homes of anti-coup detainees in Damietta, where coup security forces on Monday (March 21) burnt a number of houses belonging to Basarta village detainees, including the homes of detainees Alsayed Abu-Abdu and Sami Alfar.

It is unfortunate that on a day when the world celebrates Mother's Day, security forces in Egypt – instead of stopping violations, atrocities and abuses against Egyptian women and mothers in prisons, those forces attacked the detainees' homes, including mother-of-two Mariam Turk, and burned her apartment, almost killing her two children, who survived miraculously – escaping the fire. This is certainly a horrific, inhuman crime that demonstrates how these security agencies are totally devoid of all sense of justice or humanity.

For its part, ECRF calls for an investigation into this clearly vindictive wave of attacks, to hold accountable all those involved in the heinous crimes.

ECRF also warns that the security forces' continued violations of all limits, standards and laws are a serious threat and can cause societal disaster, with everyone now standing on the brink of a total collapse of the rule of law and human rights.

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF) #التنسيقية_المصرية_للحقوق_والحريات

Cairo: Monday – March 21, 2016
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