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Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls 'Save the Poor' Revolutionary Protest Week
Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls 'Save the Poor' Revolutionary Protest Week
The broadbased coalition of opposition groups and parties urges all Egyptians to rise and rally for the ouster of the mad military regime currently smothering Egypt and terrorizing its people.
Friday, February 19,2016 20:43

The coup regime is preparing to take yet more painful measures against ordinary Egyptians, raising prices for electricity, water and many essential consumer goods, while limiting and reducing workers' wages, rates and salaries, and even forcing many of them out of their jobs. The cost of all these reckless measures will be paid by ordinary citizens – Egypt's poor.

As the coup regime rushes to impose further impoverishment and starvation policies on Egypt's destitute, popular outrage – from several segments of the society – is reaching record highs, as the people can no longer bear or tolerate more of those absurd policies, the fast-soaring cost of living or that regime's failure in every area and field. We believe that the moment of ultimate popular eruption is imminent. It will be the hardest on the murderers and thieves of the junta and its illegitimate appointed regime.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that impoverishment and starvation policies are inherent characteristics of military rule. The elimination of these policies requires the ouster of the military regime.

The Alliance calls on all patriotic Egyptians to rise in rage on Friday in a revolutionary protest week entitled Save the Poor – from the traitorous murderer Sisi's evil plans to abolish all subsidies and reduce wages, using the civil service law he insists on imposing amid unemployment increases and non-stop suffering for all Egyptians, especially peasants, workers and professionals, not to mention the continuing lack of justice and freedoms.

The coup regime that recently killed the young Italian student (Giulio Regeni) is the same regime that killed the Mexican tourists a couple of months ago, and has been killing Egyptians in prisons and streets. The same repressive regime is also holding two young Turks, and may well be doing, or will do with them what it did to Regeni.

Moreover, this fascist regime coordinates with the murderous Zionist entity to eliminate the Palestinian people, praises the Zionist murderer Netanyahu describing him as "a leader who possesses great powers, which assist him not only to lead his country, but can also advance the region and the entire world". This regime also coordinates with criminal Russia that freely spills the blood of Syrians in their own homeland.

We are certain that the Egyptians' rights must be wrested from the putschists, and that the will of the people – who have been in continuous revolt for over two years now – will persevere, never cowering or hesitating due to demonization, unjust trials, arbitrary arrests or the torture and slow death in the fascist coup's prisons.

We belief in the importance of respecting popular will and the resultant democratic processes, with an inclusive dialogue to save Egypt and its stability as well as the rights of the poor and the oppressed. That is the true path that we must tread and rally around.

Counter-revolution tactics and tricks  will not do; nor will hypnotizing or sedating the masses or distracting them with sub-issues. There can be no substitute for popular will, supporting the people and their demands for freedom, social justice, human dignity and a decent life.

We are not advocates of revenge or sabotage. We are advocates of fair and prompt justice that will restore the rights of the martyrs, and for development and progress in which all citizens contribute. Therefore, we must overlook any disagreement, and look out for the most important battle against the oppressive coup and the tentacles of tyranny, corruption, repression and poverty. There is no alternative to the ouster of the treasonous murderer Sisi, first, and before any dialogue.

To the patriotic people of Egypt...

Rise up in rage. Fear nothing, and no one, but God. Be ready, once again, and prepare your ranks for a greater day of anger. Think of all the scenarios of the situation after the ouster of the heinous murderer Sisi.

Yes, the criminal security crackdown is massive. But you have an opportunity to impact the situation, pave the way, and move popular wrath from the provinces to the squares of Cairo and the presidential palaces. We will not give up. Popular wrath will inevitably triumph over the despotic tyrants.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Thursday - February 18, 2016


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