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Youth Activists Campaign for 'Disappeared' Alexandria Students
Youth Activists Campaign for 'Disappeared' Alexandria Students
Alexandria (Egypt) rights activists continue to use social media to highlight the ordeal of 20 youths subjected to forced disappearance by coup security forces since February 4.
Wednesday, February 10,2016 11:53

Egyptian authorities continue to subject to enforced disappearance 20 Alexandrian high-school students, after junta forces abducted them from their homes Thursday (February 4), claiming they were involved in a dispute between a junior police officer (from Montaza Police Station) and a certain contractor, and the torching of the police officer's car.

Ominously, junta security men said to enquiring parents that interrogators intend to execute their young sons . One security officer cruelly said: "I hope you have other children. These ones… if they cannot last the (torture) trip… we will call you, so you can pick their bodies from the morgue".

Sources within the Alexandria Security Directorate confirmed the transfer of 20 young people to the Directorate, that they are being tortured and consequently suffered serious injuries. The sources also affirmed that the student called Anas Naguib is bleeding badly, student Abdel-Rahman Moataz has suffered semi-paralysis of the lower limbs, and student Amr Gamal is in a coma.

Meanwhile, activists continue to demand the students' immediate release or at the very least their families should be allowed to see them – using the Hashtags #الشباب_العشرين (the 20 youths) and #اوقفوا_مذبحة_الاسكندرية (Stop Alex Massacre).

Names of the 20 youths (To contact their families, use the telephone numbers below):

1. Amr Gamal Abdel-Moneim - 19 years old - Tel: 01279575436

2. Abdel-Rahman Moataz - 20 years - Tel: 01121681661

3. Anas Mohamed Naguib - 15 years - Tel: 01125094258

4. Ahmed Mohamed Ali - 16 - Tel: 0730 0102826

5. Hisham Abdel-Dayem - 20 - Tel: 01111691062

6. Ahmed Harfoush - 16 - Tel: 01126047766

7. Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Salam - 17 - Tel: 01015181424

8. Abdullah Omar Abdullah Qambar - 17 - Tel: 01118630559

9. Karim Shaltout - 17 - Tel: 01274806909

10. Hossam Fouad Amory - Tel: 01225897669

11. Tarek Abdel-Dayem - 17 years old

12. Ibrahim Shaltout - 21 years

13. Abdel-Rahman Imam

14. Ibrahim Al-Hallaq

15. Marawan Imam

16. Mohamed Elsheshtawy

17. Yehya Mohamed

18. Khamis Tawfik

19. Mohamed Abdel-Hadi

20. Mohamed Hassan Al-Bishr

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