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Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance: Returning to Liberty Squares
Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance: Returning to Liberty Squares
Pro-Democracy Alliance in Cairo announces 40 meeting points around the capital for Egyptians to gather and launch mass anti-coup rallies.
Monday, January 25,2016 05:48

 To the steadfast men and women of the Revolution...

Tomorrow is your day. This Revolution is gearing up for a powerful wave of protests for the homeland and the people's rights. The January 25, 2011 Revolution must reignite in all the squares of Egypt, chant for freedom, dignity and the fair demands of the people, in support of popular will.

Shock and shake the junta and their henchmen, the murderers and the illegitimate regime, with your thundering protests. You are the Revolution, even if it be one demonstrator chanting alone in the square... Teach history that your wrath persists until victory, and that your popular protests persist and last as long as it takes.

We will not surrender to oppressors as long as we are alive.

Your steps must be considered, carefully calculated. You have taken clear stances, made great sacrifices. The demands of your Revolution were not fully realized on January 25, 2011.

We are not the ones gambling with national interests. We are the ones endeavoring to save Egypt and Egyptians from the brutally repressive coup that has almost completely destroyed the homeland and the people. We assure that this coup will be defeated soon, by the will of God, as well as the will of the raging people.

To the raging masses of patriotic Egyptians...

Do not underestimate your resilience and perseverance, nor overestimate your steadfastness. Continue persistently in the squares and streets, with non-stop protests. If not today, the coup will certainly be defeated tomorrow. We shall win.

It is inevitable that this illegitimate oppressive regime shall crumble and fall. Even today, we are looking at the future of Egypt after the end of this ruinous coup... a future biased for popular will, rights and freedoms, justice and dignity.

We call on the world's rights organizations and experts to follow up popular protests across Egypt and any violations against them. We call on the men and women of the Revolution to take caution. We warn the putschists against attacking popular protests, we warn them of the raging people's reaction. This is a peaceful revolution that is not totally defenseless, a raging wave that no-one can stop.

The Alliance urges you to come out and join protest rallies in Cairo and Giza to be launched from the following mosques and locations:

Khatem Al Mursaleen – Al haram

Al Istiqama – Giza

Al Husseineya – Imraniya

Abdel-Latif – Abul Nomros

Al Sabah – Al Haram

Mustafa Mahmoud – Mohandessein

Anas Ibn Malik – Mohandessein

Al Salam – Mohandessein

Khaled Ibn Al Waleed – Alketkat

Mahrousa Mosque – Mohandessein

Hommeyat – Imbaba

Under the circular highway – Warraq

Ghazal Mosque – Alkiratin

The Bridge – Algelatmah

Al Hussary Mosque – October City

Vodafone – October City

Aziz Billah Mosque – Al Zeitoun

Al Qudsi Mosque - Ezbet El Nakhl

Hamza Mosque – Helmeyat Al Zeitoun

Mahdi Mosque – Al Salam

Rahman Mosque – Matareya

Salam Mosque - Nasr City

Al Liby Mosque - Behind Wonder Land

Fateh Mosque – Ramses

Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque – Masr Al Qadima

Rabaa Adaweya Mosque

Students Hospital Mosque – Giza

Al Hamd Mosque – Faisal City

Shadia Mosque – Al Remaya

Al Salam – Al Masaha, Haram

Al Rahma – Talibeya

Maraghi Mosque – Helwan

Huda Mosque – Helwan Gardens

Farouk Mosque – Maadi

Khaled Ibn Al Waleed – Gardena Street, Hadaba

The Alliance will launch more protests also from various other points and locations in the provinces. We hope public opinion will follow developments and join the wave of raging rallies.

Returning to the Squares

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Sunday – January 24, 2016
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