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Junta Security Forces Arrest More Than 25 Anti-Coup Egyptians Within 24 Hours
Junta Security Forces Arrest More Than 25 Anti-Coup Egyptians Within 24 Hours
Coup security apparatuses intensify their frenzied relentless campaign to hound, arrest and detain young men and women of the anti-coup Revolution, and continue to subject a number of citizens to forced disappearance in Ismailia Governorate.
Sunday, January 24,2016 21:14

Coup Security forces in Egypt continued its ferocious campaign of raids on the homes of all those opposed to the coup and its illegitimate regime in various town and villages of Ismailia governorate, arresting more than 25 citizens on Saturday evening alone.

Anti-Coup citizens arrested by junta forces Saturday included: Al-Hadidi Hafez Al-Hadidi, Zeidan Ali Saad, Islam Eid Ibrahim, Ateyya Abdel-Basset Ateyya, Farag Mohamed Salman, Ahmed Suleiman Gaber, Syed Ali Ahmed, Alaa El-Din Abdel-Kader Ibrahim Mohamed El-Shahat, Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, Mahmoud Elsayed Musa, Ahmed Abdel-Fadil, Salem Eid Salem, Adnan Mohamed Labib, Mahdi Abul-Hadid Ramadan, Ahmed Abdel-Moneim Ahmed, Osama Osman Mohamed, Ayman Mustafa Ali, Ahmaid Ahmed Mohamed, Haitham Abdullah Qutb, Salah Mohamed Al-Haddad, Alaa Ramadan Shehata and Mahmoud Mohamed Zeidan.

Coup security forces continue to subject to forced disappearance Ahmed Mohamed Aweys, student at the Faculty of Medicine - Suez Canal University; Abdel-Rahman Raafat, and Ahmed Mohamed Eid, third year secondary school student.

Families of the three abductees above (and their lawyers) have not had any information about their loved ones' fate or whereabouts. Families and human rights organizations in Ismailia governorate hold the director of security in Ismailia as well as the security forces in the governorate fully responsible for their missing relatives' lives and personal safety.

Contact: Tel. 01008198714

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