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Rights Report: 19 Aqrab Prisoners Face Death Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect by Coup Authorities
Rights Report: 19 Aqrab Prisoners Face Death Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect by Coup Authorities
According to a recent report from London-based NGO Human Rights Monitor, at least 19 political detainees at notorious Aqrab Prison now suffer slow death, deprived of essential and urgent medical care.
Saturday, January 23,2016 18:50

In its latest report, Human Rights Monitor (HRM) said it had received complaints from families of Aqrab Prison political detainees expressing deep concern for 19 Egyptian detainees now suffering slow extrajudicial killing, amid a total ban on visits and medicines by the prison administration who also stripped detainees of all cell contents.

In its statement, HRM pointed that prisoners suffer rapidly worsening medical conditions that require urgent surgical operations, according to medical reports and recommendations from the prison hospital, amid absurd intransigence of the prison administration who refuse to allow them to have the necessary operations, deliberately putting inmates' lives at risk.

HRM's list of Aqrab political prisoners at risk included: Abdel-Aziz Mohamed, who suffers from retinal detachment in one eye, and Glaucoma in the other, while the prison administration dismisses the idea of a surgical operation. Ominously, a prison officers told Abdel-Aziz: "You're going blind! It is inevitable!"

HRM also pointed that a prisoner called Osama Khalil is suffering from a tumor in the stomach causing severe bleeding. Also, Mohamed Al-Shazly needs a knee operation, while Mohamed Mohammadi was recently paralyzed in detention, and the prison administration refuses to allow treatment for either.

Aqrab prisoner Hisham Saeed is vomiting blood, but the administration refuses to let him get properly examined. Mohamed El-Shahat needs surgery on his eye. Yassin Abdel-Mongi recently suffered a broken leg, but was not allowed to receive any medical treatment.

Tariq Qutb recently became paraplegic after a severe torture session, according to HRM. Also, Mohamed Hamdan is suffering from a detached retina and requires an urgent eye surgery.

HRM further affirmed that Ahmed Abdel-Rahim needs surgery to replace his hip joint. Sabri Abdullah suffers a broken foot. Ramadan Massoud is close to death and suffers enlarged liver and spleen for a long while in total absence of health care, according to HRM's statement.

Mahmoud Abu-Zeid recently suffered a broken jaw, with no hope of medical help. Ahmed Ibrahim recently suffered hearing loss. Abdel-Rahman Kamal suffers from a painful hernia, in addition to pains from several metal plates in his hand and leg.

HRM's report also stated that Hashem Al-Mahdi is suffering from severe narrowing of the esophagus (food pipe). Abdel-Rahman Imam suffers from severe infection in the stomach and severe acid reflux, and so does Ahmed Gamal Mohamed.


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