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Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria Condemns Coup Security Arbitrary Arrests Campaign
Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria Condemns Coup Security Arbitrary Arrests Campaign
Sunday, January 17,2016 21:00

The military junta regime's security forces arrested 62 anti-coup Alexandria citizens, at dawn on Sunday, in a desperate attempt to disrupt preparations for the fifth anniversary of the January 2011 Revolution.

Junta forces rounded up and detained dozens of men, youths and even teenagers. Although some belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, some are anti-coup revolutionaries, some never participated in any revolutionary or protest activities. The coup regime brutally proves its fear of the non-violent revolutionary resistance, which is restarting in Alexandria.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in the heart of the peaceful revolutionary resistance, announces the start of anti-coup protest events – it has been preparing for weeks – during a new phase of the January 25, 2011 Revolution to start in Alexandria.

Our message to the coup and its tails and tentacles – its  heinous henchmen and security apparatuses: Your vicious vindictive campaigns will not stop our revolutionary action. We will never weaken, hesitate or lose faith. We have accepted the challenge. The whole world will see your flimsy security illusion burst like a bubble before the advancing anti-coup protesters in Alexandria.

Our message to the revolutionaries everywhere: Now that everyone knows military rule is the shortest way to the collapse of the homeland, the callous trampling of the people's rights and the repressive muzzling of all mouths, the Egyptian people have united against the traitorous junta.

Let us all work together against the treasonous junta. Let us leave aside narrow partisan visions. Divisions will only add years to oppressive military rule in Egypt. Our common ground is the goal of defeating the military coup and ousting its illegitimate regime. Let us shun all argument, division and disputes.

To the courageous people of Alexandria…

The murderous military coup regime's security apparatuses have launched their war against you before the anniversary of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, only because they fear your thundering protests. Let the memory of January 25, 2011 be a new abject lesson for the putschists' security agencies. Do not allow them to disrupt your revolutionary rallies.

Our Revolution will not be stopped by the hordes of injustice and despotism. Let us burst their false legend. Teach junta lackeys a hard lesson with huge revolutionary turnouts. Teach them that they cannot defeat the people and that the wave of anger in Alexandria will not be stopped by their relentless campaigns.

Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria

Sunday – January 17, 2016


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