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National Alliance in Sharqeya Mourns Martyrs Assassinated by Coup Regime Criminals
National Alliance in Sharqeya Mourns Martyrs Assassinated by Coup Regime Criminals
The military coup regime's murderous Ministry of Interior breaks into homes of three students and executes them in cold blood.
Thursday, January 7,2016 20:37

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Sharqeya mourns the three martyrs murdered in cold blood by the heinous hands of coup regime militias without due process, formal charges or proof of guilt, in their student home in the city of Tenth of Ramadan (Sharqeya Province).

We are deeply saddened and concerned for our homeland and the crises created by a criminal oppressive junta that cares for neither the homeland nor the people, a repressive military junta and a putschist regime that sided with evil and injustice.

Today (Thursday), coup forces stormed student housing in the Tenth of Ramadan City, and executed three local students: Nashaat Mahmoud Essam, Mohamed Atwa and Maher Abdullah, falsely accusing them of attacking and injuring the acting head of the University of Zagazig. This is a horrid and heinous crime and total recklessness. When has the policeman become judge and executioner? Who has the authority to judge and execute people without any evidence?

We are determined to complete our Revolution until ultimate triumph, to oust the military junta that has violated all sanctities. We will no longer just stand and watch these horrid crimes and the treacherous policies pursued by Sisi's illegitimate regime and his militias.

Fair and prompt retribution will be exacted soon.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Sharqeya

Thursday – January 7, 2016


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