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Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman's Health Deteriorates in Detention
Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman's Health Deteriorates in Detention
FJP Spokesman Murad Ali suffers deliberate medical neglect in notorious Aqrab Prison, after painful heart attack.
Tuesday, December 22,2015 12:07
In detention, at the notorious Aqrab Prison, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) spokesman Murad Ali's health deteriorated significantly.

In a post on her personal page in Facebook, Mariam Murad Ali, daughter of the FJP's Murad Ali, affirmed that her father suffered a heart attack, adding that the prison administration refused to transfer him to a hospital.

Mariam mentioned other violations against her father. For example, he is not allowed to wear winter clothes or receive blankets, and more importantly, no medical care is provided.

Mariam launched the Hashtag #مقبرة_العقرب (meaning: Aqrab graveyard), referring to the brutal abuse all Aqrab Prison detainees suffer there, including political symbols and former officials under President Mohamed Morsi.
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