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Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Turkish Justice and Development Party Elections Win
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Turkish Justice and Development Party Elections Win
Monday, November 2,2015 05:04

 The Muslim Brotherhood salutes and praises the Turkish people, who today succeeded in establishing the democratic course it chose for effective change. The group also salutes and congratulates the Justice and Development Party on its great victory in parliamentary elections with a decent majority that will enable it to form a new government.

What happened today in the Turkish parliamentary elections is the most significant response to blood-thirsty enemies of democracy in Egypt and Syria, as well as other international and regional powers and Zionists, who stand against the will of free peoples and the fruit of their electoral and democratic endeavors.

The result of the Turkish parliamentary elections is a positive message to all believers in democracy, revolution, freedom and the dynamic will of the people. It also is a message to the murderers who spill the blood of innocent patriots in order to grab power and starve the poor and destitute in favor of the Generals and corrupt businessmen.

Once again, we solemnly salute the Turkish people, and heartily congratulate the Justice and Development Party. We also salute all revolutionaries and patriots in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Jerusalem and Baghdad… the future is all yours. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. With revolutionary unity, steadfastness and devotion, and your belief in your Revolution, you shall ultimately be victorious.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – November 1, 2015
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