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Alexandria Security Forces Throw Anti-Coup Teacher from 11th Floor
Alexandria Security Forces Throw Anti-Coup Teacher from 11th Floor
Yet another cold-blooded barbaric murder of an innocent citizen, by savage junta militias, simply because he is perceived as a coup opponent.
Monday, October 12,2015 11:14
Coup security forces from the junta-controlled Interior Ministry early Sunday threw a (Fayoum governorate) teacher from his 11th floor apartment in the city of Alexandria, killing him in cold blood, supposedly for refusing to cooperate.

Barbaric cold-blooded murder is now the coup Interior Ministry's policy against those who refuse military rule and the junta's repressive regime. This savage inhuman policy started since the July 3, 2013 coup and escalated to this day, reaching its peak of ferocious extrajudicial killings – with claims that the victims were armed terrorists.

Ramadan Mustafa Morsi, 41, worked as a teacher. According to testimonies from his family, acquaintances and neighbors, he enjoyed a good reputation and was a person of good character.

According to his family statement, "Seeing and hearing of violent security raids on neighbors' homes and arbitrary arrests and fabrication of charges for all the people in his hometown in the province of Fayoum, he moved with his family to Alexandria, to raise his children in an atmosphere free of the bloody scenes that could certainly psychologically damage children and subsequently impact their future.

"Mustafa lead a normal life, as a competent teacher, known for his educational skills, until dawn Sunday. We were horrified by a raid on our apartment by heavily-armed coup security forces. They arrested Mustafa and tied his hands behind his back, and began to ask him a number of questions about certain individuals and their places of residence. He told them he did not know anything about those people, since he had left his hometown a long time earlier.

"They threatened to throw him out of the window. But he could not do anything, because he genuinely did not know anything about any of the names they mentioned to him. After several attempts, they just pulled him and threw him to his death from the 11th floor flat. Then, photographers who came along with the security force from the beginning took photographs of the apartment from several angles."
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