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Students Against the Coup in Zagazig University Vows Retaliation for Sarah Mashaal Abduction
Students Against the Coup in Zagazig University Vows Retaliation for Sarah Mashaal Abduction
In a statement Wednesday, SAC condemns the blatant violations of student Sarah Mashaal's rights by coup authorities who abducted her from within the university campus.
Wednesday, October 7,2015 22:05

Today (Wednesday), members of the Zagazig University administrative security committed a horrid crime as they abducted Sarah Mashaal, a Faculty of Arts student, from within the university campus, and then handed her over to coup Interior Ministry militias, after they assaulted her and removed her veil using unnecessary force.

With this brutal assault, all red lines were trampled by the university's administrative and security personnel, led by the Faculty of Arts security officer and officer Sherif Abdel-Fattah, the university's security director, and all those who collaborate with them.

You and your families are not dearer than our brothers and sisters and friends. You have not seen our rage yet. If the student Sarah Mashaal is not returned to her family safe and sound immediately, you will see what will break your hearts and make you regret ever touching her.

Moreover, retribution for your audacity and crossing all red lines will hit you where you never expect.

Students Against the Coup in Zagazig University

Wednesday – October 7, 2015

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