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Coup Regime's Interior Ministry Forces Kill Four More Muslim Brotherhood Members in Cold Blood
Coup Regime's Interior Ministry Forces Kill Four More Muslim Brotherhood Members in Cold Blood
With increasing ferocity and total impunity, the junta's campaign of terror and extra-judicial killing in Egypt continues as 4 young Egyptians are murdered by coup militias.
Thursday, October 1,2015 10:04

The coup regime's Ministry of Interior killed four more members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria (northern Egypt).

The four young people were: Mohamed Amouri, Ammar Abdel-Meguid Mohamed, Hamada Fateh Al-Bab, and Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Zaid.

This is by no means the first case of physical liquidation of Muslim Brotherhood members by the junta's Interior Ministry forces.

Hoda Abdel-Moneim, Muslim Brotherhood women leader, said: "Today (Wednesday) four young people were killed in cold blood in Agami, Alexandria. Extrajudicial killings of the coup regime's opponents have become the junta's strategic approach to quell dissent. We live with neither law nor accountability".

In a post on her page in Facebook, Hoda Abdel-Moneim added: "Every day Egyptians are killed both inside and outside prisons, just because they reject the illegitimate military coup".

Recently, international and local human rights reports condemned the escalation of the physical liquidation or extrajudicial execution approach used by the junta's Ministry of Interior to get rid of those opposed to the coup in Egypt. Security officials usually issue statements making false claims and accusations against the victims, in order to cover up their repeated crimes and brutal atrocities.


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