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Disease and Slow Death Persist in Egypt Junta Jails, Torture Chambers
Disease and Slow Death Persist in Egypt Junta Jails, Torture Chambers
Untold numbers of regime opponents have been killed in the military junta's detention centers across Egypt by deliberate medical negligence; thousands more are suffering the same ruthless inhuman treatment.
Monday, September 28,2015 12:34
Emad Hassan, (41-year-old father-of-four) leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of at least hundreds of dissidents killed in Egypt's prisons under the military-controlled coup regime. There are many more political prisoners who suffer critical health conditions and hence are expected to tread the same slow death path, many of whom contracted diseases in the places of detention where they are being held after arbitrary arrest, according to human rights reports.

- Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban, 18, suffers from kidney stones, in one of the notorious Egyptian prisons that routinely neglect ill inmates and deliberately fail to provide adequate health care, which multiplies his suffering and pain, and speeds the deterioration of his health.

- Fayed Ahmed Saleh suffers from severe anemia that makes prison food almost impossible to eat. He has also suffered a serious allergy since the first day of his detention in junta jails. His health is deteriorating fast.

- Wael Ibrahim Gouda, political prisoner, suffers the worst excruciating pains caused by a lump recently discovered in his stomach. He was arrested on August 13, 2014 from his home. He is still detained in Aqrab Prison, the worst Egyptian jail. He was shocked when a tumor was found in his stomach. Despite his deteriorating condition, admitted by prison doctors, life-saving treatment was put off without justification.

- In the same jail, Aqrab Prison, about which repeated complaints of serious violations of human rights have been lodged (and ignored), Islam Farouk Al-Masry is held. He suffers from diabetes. He is not allowed to get essential medication on a regular basis.

- Ahmed Al-Ageizy is a detainee who suffers from arthritis and hepatitis C. Although his condition requires a blood transfusion, prison management is obstinately and absurdly refusing him all treatment. It has even prevented him from receiving medicines brought for him by his family. Recently, he was brought to his family in the prison's visit cell in a wheelchair. Now, instead of transferring him to a specialist medical unit, prison administration has thrown him into a disciplinary ward in Aqrab Prison.

- Ahmed Sherif Laithi faces a three-fold health crisis as he suffers diabetes, high pressure and kidney disease, again in Aqrab Prison. In recent days, his health deteriorated for total lack of medical care.

- Yet again, in the same prison, detainee Khalid Harbi suffers from acute inflammatory colon disorder. He even vomits blood. But coup authorities fails to see that he needs medical care.

Egyptian prisons hold over 40,000 political prisoners. Hundreds of those fall ill every day. With the military junta regime failing to provide proper medical treatment or adequate health care, all illnesses cause slow deaths of opponents of the coup regime in prisons every day.

In the two years since the illegitimate July 3, 2013 coup, the Muslim Brotherhood lost dozens of leading members and prominent leaders inside junta prisons due to deliberate medical neglect. Coup authorities' medical negligence killed dissidents who belonged to other political parties, as well.


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