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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Bishr is Moved from Notorious Aqrab Prison to Tora Prison Hospital
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Bishr is Moved from Notorious Aqrab Prison to Tora Prison Hospital
Arrested by junta security agencies for purely political reasons, a Minister in Morsi's legitimate government is prevented from getting his essential medicines while in detention, a heinous and deliberate way to kill political prisoners and opponents.
Wednesday, September 9,2015 07:46

The family of Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, Local Development Minister in the government of the legitimate President Morsi, issued this statement regarding his move from Aqrab Prison to Tora Prison Complex Hospital following severe deterioration of his health.

We have received news from multiple sources affirming that the Aqrab Prison administration transferred Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr to Tora Prison hospital after his health deteriorated. We are doing our best to get any additional information.

We stress the following:

- We hold the prison administration and the Interior Ministry fully responsible for Dr. Bishr's health and his safety.
- Dr. Bishr's family has received no official notification of the deterioration of his health and the transfer to the hospital.

- Dr. Bishr's health and Aqrab Prison living conditions have been getting worse.

- He is deprived of medication and any foods brought to him in visits, although he suffers a hepatitis C virus infection and cirrhosis of the liver. Absurdly, only a few pills of his essential life-saving medicines were intermittently allowed every three weeks.

- He has not been allowed any of his necessary liver enzymes tests of since last year.

- Visits were limited to only three minutes, behind a glass partition. Then, they shrunk even more, to just one minute, after the coup's National Council for Human Rights delegation visited the prison complex.

- Dr. Bishr was not allowed any visits for long periods of more than two months. The last visit, a week ago, was arbitrarily canceled by the prison administration.

- He is not allowed any personal belongings. Prison administration confiscated all such personal items as blankets and even underwear.

- He is not allowed to receive any food we bring in visits, except for very small amounts not exceeding half a small dish every few weeks.

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