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Muslim Brotherhood Students Statement Slams Media Lies
Muslim Brotherhood Students Statement Slams Media Lies
Sunday, August 30,2015 22:00

We call upon all media outlets to commit to professional standards of accuracy in what they publish in the name of Muslim Brotherhood students, describing their own articles as statements, press releases or articles by leaders of the student movement.

We remind them that indeed untrustworthy are those who impersonate people they are not authorized to represent. We emphasize that we are currently only working on the finishing touches for the start of a new academic year in which students will reaffirm their continued demands for freedom and dignity, and their struggle to liberate the homeland of all unjust despots.

Since some have apparently decided to involve us in this matter, we stress that we will not be dragged into any vain arguments and hostilities in the media, from which only the enemies of the Truth will benefit, souring our good relationship, throwing doubts on our objectives and wasting our time and efforts.

Since the start of this 'distraction', we decided to be practical, pragmatic: to consider all advice, and look into all proposals and suggestions; and to endeavor to do what we believe is the best, quietly, without throwing accusations or vilifying  the revolution.

Muslim Brotherhood Students

Cairo: Sunday – August 30, 2015

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