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Press Release: Córdoba Foundation Releases Two Reports on Brotherhood and Egypt's Stolen Democracy
Press Release: Córdoba Foundation Releases Two Reports on Brotherhood and Egypt's Stolen Democracy
Sunday, August 30,2015 14:50

"Violence and the Muslim Brotherhood", and "Egypt’s Stolen Democracy" – launch of two new reports

2012 saw the first and only truly inclusive and democratic elections in Egypt’s history. Following the end of Hosni Mubarak’s long reign in power, Egyptian citizens and the international community saw Egypt as finally being free of military strongmen that ruled on patronage and by fear.

Rather than looking forward to celebrate the transitionary phase however, and the implementation of fundamental democratic principles, subversive forces were at work to ensure that the self-interest of the past ruling hierarchy prevailed.

Consequently, Mohammad Morsi was removed from power in what can only be described as a military coup d’état, and yet again a military backed autocracy and its dictator Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi now govern Egypt.

The first tactic employed by el-Sisi was to seek to castigate the Freedom and Justice Party and therefore the Muslim Brotherhood; casting aspersion upon their true intent, accusing them of extremism and violence -- all resulting in them being rendered a terrorist group.

The reality of the situation however is far removed from the myth espoused by many in the Middle East, especially Egypt’s current ruling class.

To better understand the aims, workings and political outlook of the Muslim Brotherhood as well its stance on violence, The Cordoba Foundation will bereleasing two new timely reportson Thursday 3rd September 2015 at the Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, London. 

The two reports, “Muslim Brotherhood and the Myth of Violence and Terrorism” and “Egypt’s Stolen Democracy: Understanding the Motivations and Key Actors,” by TMC Advisory Group, an international law advisory group, provide deep insights and analysis based on inquiries conducted during 2014-2015 at the request of The Cordoba Foundation. The reports were edited and reviewed by the legal team comprised of Toby Cadman, Carl Buckley and Pilar Lovelle Moraleda. 

The authors of the report and a number of other experts including representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood will speak at the launch and take questions. 

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