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Muslim Brotherhood Publishing and Advocacy Official: Alleged Sharia Body Statement False
Muslim Brotherhood Publishing and Advocacy Official: Alleged Sharia Body Statement False
A Muslim Brotherhood leading member dismisses a 'use force in self-defense' message as a false statement from an unknown source, not the group.
Monday, August 24,2015 21:18

Abdel-Khaliq Al-Sherif, Muslim Brotherhood publishing and advocacy official and member of the group's Shura Council, affirmed the group had no so-called "Sharia Body", pointing that the statement attributed to the group, and which calls for the use of "all forms of resistance" against coup security forces, was false, never issued by the Muslim Brotherhood officially.

In a statement, Al-Sherif said he did not know the source of the statement circulating on various websites. He said it was likely posted by someone who may or may not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Sherif stressed that, in the end, this was not a statement expressing or reflecting the Muslim Brotherhood's position entirely.

"Any opinions or fatwas regarding revolutionary work should involve the input and cooperation of all patriotic leaders, to find a way to resolve the crisis based on visions that keep up with the latest developments on the ground, since those who manage the crisis must consider the best interests of the nation."

Earlier, a statement attributed to the so-called "Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Body" called for the use of force as a form of resistance to the coup security forces' brutal atrocities against all opponents of the illegitimate coup. The statement, from the non-existent "authority" described the resistance to these barbaric attacks as an obligatory duty – in all its forms and types, even when resources are very limited.


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