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Egypt Junta Military Court Jails 500 Civilian Coup Opponents, 250 Life Sentences
Egypt Junta Military Court Jails 500 Civilian Coup Opponents, 250 Life Sentences
A military court in Egypt metes out hundreds of severely exaggerated prison sentences against opponents of military rule, in a sham trial, on trumped-up politically-motivated charges.
Wednesday, August 12,2015 11:18
On Tuesday, the Alexandria Military Court passed life imprisonment sentences against 250 opponents of the coup, and imprisonment for more than 8,000 years for 241 more, in the fake "Burning of Beheira Town Hall building" case, and the "Burning of Hosh Essa Police Station" case.

In the "Beheira Town Hall" case, the court sentenced in absentia 160 opponents to life imprisonment, and 3 minors to 15 years imprisonment each. It also sentenced 34 more opponents of the coup (present in court) to 15 years imprisonment, 22 to ten years each, 35 to seven years imprisonment, 11 to five years, and sentenced Abdel-Moneim Hamattu, the youngest detainee in the case, to 3 years in prison. The court acquitted 33 others.

As for the fabricated "Hosh Essa Police Station" case, the Court sentenced in absentia 90 opponents to life imprisonment, 20 more to 15 years imprisonment, 69 to 10 years each, and 7 opponents to 5 years. It also acquitted 17 detainees (present in court) and 4 others in absentia.


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