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Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions
Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions
Monday, August 10,2015 01:25

In response to utter lies the media has been broadcasting and circulating over the past few hours about Muslim Brotherhood decisions and positions, we stress the following:

First: The revolutionary path is a strategic option, chosen by the Egyptian people, and indeed the Muslim Brotherhood. We shall not retreat from this option, nor from the decision to complete the January 25 Revolution or to exact retribution for the martyrs – whatever the sacrifices.

Second: There is no truth at all in recent media reports about decisions made by the Muslim Brotherhood. We reaffirm respect  for the institutional processes upon which Shura (consultation) is based. Certainly, Shura is the essential basis of every decision.

Finally, we urge our fellow Egyptians to continue the non-violent revolutionary struggle. We must not be dragged away or distracted by secondary issues, or allow baseless rumors circulated by the coup regime's media propagandists to keep us from continuing this resistance.

We have just started a new revolutionary wave to mark the memory of the Rabaa epic, along with the masses of the Egyptian people and loyal parties and groups opposed to the blood-thirsty military junta. We shall not rest or stop until we achieve ultimate victory for Egypt.

Office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad

Sunday - August 9, 2015

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