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Egyptian Journalists Syndicate: Anti-Terrorism Law Kills Journalism
Egyptian Journalists Syndicate: Anti-Terrorism Law Kills Journalism
Another absurd law issued by the ruling military junta in Egypt imposes new restrictions on news reporting, more effectively muzzling media workers.
Monday, July 6,2015 05:58

 The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate (EJS) said the draft anti-terrorism law being prepared by coup authorities will effectively kill the press and freedom of expression.

In a statement, EJS announced absolute rejection of the new restrictions the "anti-terrorism" bill aims to impose on the press and freedom.

EJS criticized certain articles in the "anti-terrorism" bill – such as confining the reporting of statements (on terror incidents) to government authorities – which EJS said represent a clear setback for freedom of opinion, publishing and expression, and gives the executive branch oversight over the press and its freedom. It also said those articles open the door to the curbing of freedom of the press, and the trampling of all the safeguards guaranteed by the law on journalism.

EJS stressed that this law came to close the door to all attempts for the press to reflect society with all its segments and orientations, and to open the door to the return of control over the press and the media through legal texts that hit the freedom of the press fatally.

EJS further called on members of the press and all defenders of freedom to stand united against attempts to undermine freedom of the press under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
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