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Human Rights Center: 23 Murdered, 49 Tortured in Egypt Junta Prisons in May 2015
Human Rights Center: 23 Murdered, 49 Tortured in Egypt Junta Prisons in May 2015
Nadeem, an independent NGO, issues a damning report accusing the ruling military regime in Egypt of inhuman violations of the people's (and especially detainees') rights.
Thursday, June 4,2015 06:26

 Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture revealed that at least 23 citizens were killed in the month of May (2015) alone. 4 of those died as a result of deliberate medical negligence, 4 were shot by coup security forces during the break up of otherwise peaceful rallies, and 3 died as a result of torture, while 3 died because of a collapse in blood circulation, and 2 were killed in a clash with the police. Moreover, one citizen was slaughtered by thugs in a prison cell, two were killed after a period of enforced disappearance, one electrocuted by junta security forces, and one more was killed in mysterious circumstances related to detention by the illegitimate coup regime.

This was detailed in a Nadeem report on cases of torture, disappearances, violations and atrocities against Egyptian citizens during the month of May 2015, which uncovered dozens of such violations against prisoners and detainees.

The report mentioned 49 documented cases of torture, including 3 of mass attacks and beatings by security personnel in prisons of Tora, Al-Wadi Al-Gadid and Shallal (Aswan, in Upper Egypt), and at least 2 cases of sexual torture. It also documented 20 cases of systematic medical negligence, involving thyroid diseases, scabies, heart attacks, kidney failures, bleeding and clots.

The report further uncovered 19 cases of enforced disappearances, and 6 of mass beatings then displacement, in addition to the application of the death penalty against 6 people, while 3 were abducted and held hostage to pressure relatives to surrender to coup authorities.

Furthermore, the report mentioned that journalist Ahmed Gamal Zeyada was tortured in Abu-Zaabal prison before being released - days ago - after he proved his innocence of the charges laid against him. The report also mentioned statements by former detainees of Al-Wadi Al-Gadid prison saying that more than 5,500 detainees are crammed into a 12-ward prison, with 20 cells in each ward. They also complained of vengeful and unfair treatment by prison administration against detainees' families during visits.

The report also detailed abuses by security forces against the people of the Sarso village, where troops attempted to evict people from their own lands, but those refused to be forcibly moved out, which led to clashes with troops, resulting in the arrest of a number of village people.

The Nadeem report also revealed that a minor called Abdullah Abdel-Rahman, 15, was abducted by junta forces, held in isolation and tortured. To his parents, he disappeared in mysterious circumstances, in Beni Suef (south of Cairo), and then they found out he was being held and tortured with electricity and beatings by police officers, who placed him in solitary confinement.

Nadeem reported that defendants in the Itehadia Presidential Palace demonstration case were tortured inside Tora prison. The report mentioned that one of the relatives of the detainees said in his testimony that security forces beat and tortured all defendants (young people) in Tora prison, then the prison administration took away all their personal belongings.


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