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PRESS RELEASE: Deliberate medical negligence leading to death of MP Mohamed Falahgy
PRESS RELEASE: Deliberate medical negligence leading to death of MP Mohamed Falahgy
This is a new crime to be added to the coup regime's numerous crimes against Egypt, the Egyptian people, the Revolution and its leaders.
Wednesday, May 27,2015 05:31

 Deliberate medical negligence and failing to provide medical attention by a coup prison administration has caused the death of the esteemed MP Mohamed Falahgy, one of the leaders of the Revolution in Damietta province.

Falahgy was arrested in August 2013 on charges of inciting violence and attacking a police station in the aftermath of Morsi's ouster. He was acquitted of those charges in February, but remained in detention as he awaited trial on another false charge of inciting people to burn the Islamic Complex in Damietta. He was the second political prisoner to die in Egypt's jails in less than two months, coming soon after the death of elected MP Farid Ismail in similar circumstances. Prior to that, in November 2014, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure and University Professor, Tarek Al-Ghandour, died from oesophageal bleeding when prison authorities neglected his poor medical state. In the same month, Brotherhood leader Abu Bakr al-Qady died in Qena Prison after he was allegedly denied medical care for cancer.

Systematic medical neglect, designed to kill, is emerging as another tool used, particularly against elected Parliamentarians, for whom the alleged charges could not be proven in court. The ERC reminds the international community that this new crime brings the number of martyrs, killed by the coup regime, in junta prisons in the space of 2 years, to 265, 170 of them due to medical negligence as reported by the UK-based Arab Organisation for Human Rights.

This calls for immediate action to save the lives of tens of thousands of prisoners who are facing the same fate.

"Murder" - due to medical negligence - comes of a background of a series of extra-judicial killings by this brutal despotic regime against symbols of the youth of the Revolution, like the murder of Mohamed Al-Hadari during a vengeful raid on his home at dawn on Monday in Basion village, and engineering student Islam Attiyto, amid heinous boasts by the junta-controlled media.

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council offers its deepest condolences to the Egyptian people and the family of the martyr Falahgi. It stresses that those accused of this crime and all other coup regime crimes will be brought to justice.

All the killings and repression will not weaken the revolutionary men and women of Egypt. They are even more resilient and determined to achieve victory.
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