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Junta Justice Sentences to Death 22 Opponents in Kerdasa Sham Trial
Junta Justice Sentences to Death 22 Opponents in Kerdasa Sham Trial
Another mass execution sentence by the same pro-junta judge for 22 more anti-coup people, with no defense allowed, no evidence given.
Monday, April 20,2015 00:24

The Giza Criminal Court, presided over by notorious judge Mohamed Nagi Shehata, held at the Central Security Force encampment, has issued an order for the execution of 22 anti-coup people of Kerdasa after the Mufti rubber-stamped an earlier mass death sentence in the trumped up case of Kerdasa clashes. Those sentenced to death are:

1. Abdul-Salam Mohamed Bashandi, lawmaker (MP) in the 2012 Parliament

2. Dr. Mohamed Bashandi, doctor

3. Nagah Mohamed Al-Tahir, a lawyer

4. Mohamed Farag Saad

5. Ashraf Issa Abu-Higazeh

6. Dr. Mohamed Farag Ghazlani

7. Nasr El-Din Ali Ghazlani

8. Sheikh Atef Abdullah Al-Gendy

9. Saeed Youssef Saleh

10. Mohamed Ali Al-Sayfi

11. Mustafa Yusuf Al-Shenauehi (handicapped young man)

12. Abdel-Salam Fathi Abdel-Aziz

13. Amir Mohamed Hamouda

14. Sheikh Alaa El-Din Mohamed Salman

15. Gamal Mohamed Ismail

16. Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Qazzaz

17. Khalid Mohamed Awad

18. Sheikh Ali Abdel-Mongi Al-Saber

19. Mohamed Gamal Al-Sebaa

20. Mahmoud Al-Sayed Mohamed

21. Alaa Ahmed Kafrawy

22. Mohamed Hassanein Al-Tayyar (handicapped young man)

The court also committed young Amr Abdel-Aziz Al-Ads (a junior) to a juvenile 'correctional' institution.


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