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Muslim Brotherhood: Down With Junta's Judiciary, Down With Unjust Rulings
Muslim Brotherhood: Down With Junta's Judiciary, Down With Unjust Rulings
Saturday, April 11,2015 23:35

A new court ruling today (Saturday) imprisoned and sentenced to death innocent citizens – issued vengefully by the junta's judiciary, who act only on instructions from the Generals, to abuse, oppress and deal out injustice. We are therefore confident that the junta's judiciary will fall, just as those unjust sentences will be annulled.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr Badie is one of the first Egyptians willing to sacrifice all for Egypt, together with all the group's leaders and members. Those absurd verdicts and sentences will not stand in the way of the January 25 Revolution. The last word and judgement shall belong to the revolutionaries' will, when this Revolution ultimately triumphs.

Such systematic reprisals against the Muslim Brotherhood, journalists, opinion makers and media icons will not terrorize us into retreating from the path we chose for freedom, dignity and pride for all Egyptians.

The oppressive military coup regime should hear this loud and clear: unjust decisions will not intimidate us. The junta will pay the price alone – its resounding downfall. We are determined to continue in this peaceful Revolution, with complete and selfless devotion, by all available means of non-violent struggle.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – April 11, 2015


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