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Revolutionary Women Coalition Reminds of Egypt Orphans
Revolutionary Women Coalition Reminds of Egypt Orphans
On the World Orphans Day, Egypt's revolutionary women coalition reminds of the plight of thousands of orphaned, detained and tortured children in Egypt.
Saturday, April 4,2015 07:01

My Children’s Rights (MCR) movement, on the Orphans Day, reminds Egyptians as well as the international community of their duties towards the orphans of the martyrs and detainees demanding the prompt release of all minor detainees in Egyptian detention camps.
On this day, where humanity extends its mercy to all who have lost their parents, MCR urges that this human mercy should not be checked by ideologies and political agendas.
MCR reminds the national and international community that the bloody coup in Egypt has resulted to date (April 2015) in more than 6000 martyrs leaving behind 6000 families – widows and orphans. Moreover, the coup has caused the killing of 219 minors leaving 219 parents mourning the loss of their loved ones.
The murderous coup has also caused an unprecedented type of orphanage when it kidnapped thousands of minors from their parents’ laps and threw them mercilessly into prisons and detention camps and subjected them to heinous acts of physical, mental and sexual torture, an act in its scale and quality unprecedented in human history.
MCR has documented 2375 detentions of minors, 384 are still in detention subjected to physical torture, beatings and electric shocks. It has also documented 1067 cases of torture and 82 cases of sexual assault and rape. These orphaned kids, so cruelly torn from their parents, only called for freedom of expressing their views with messages on pins, pens, rulers or posters or in peaceful demonstrations. Some were even thrown in detention camps just because of their parents’ political views.
MCR calls upon the national and international community to refrain from dealing in double standards, to unite in justly demanding the prompt release of all minor detainees in Egypt and ending this forced orphaning of thousands of children.
The Revolutionary Coalition of Egyptian Women

Cairo – April 1, 2015

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