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Egypt Revolutionary Council President Maha Azzam on Borg Al-Arab Prison Atrocities
Egypt Revolutionary Council President Maha Azzam on Borg Al-Arab Prison Atrocities
An open letter from the head of the ERC in exile regarding unspeakable abuse and brutality in Egyptian prisons and places of detention, especially the Borg Al-Arab prison.
Thursday, March 12,2015 19:48

To all criminals persecuting innocent honorable men in Borg Al-Arab prison… to your gang boss, the new interior minister Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar...

Be aware that we will uncover your crimes before all human rights organizations and in all media outlets around the world, so your names (such as Imad Al-Shazly, Ahmed Nassar, Ahmed Al-Mashadd and Yasser Al-Seirafi) become known to Jurists and the international press as symbols of shame and crime.

We assure you… you will stand trial for each criminal act you did. We place full responsibility squarely on your shoulders for any harm to honorable Egyptians in your prisons.

Dr. Maha Azzam

President of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council

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