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Pro-Democracy Alliance Slams Coup Interior Ministry Torture of Detainees, False Charges
Pro-Democracy Alliance Slams Coup Interior Ministry Torture of Detainees, False Charges
As the junta regime tortures innocent detainees and forces them to sign 'confessions' under duress, Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup politicians, parties and groups denounces the relentless crackdown on all dissent by coup forces.
Thursday, March 5,2015 04:45

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Port-Said accused the coup's Interior Ministry of lying, after the latter issued a statement announcing arrest of a terrorist cell in the governorate. The Ministry also aired 'confessions' by some anti-coup youths, taken under brutal torture.

An Alliance statement said the military prosecution refused to document the brutal torture suffered by detainees, or the fact that they were forced to attend investigation sessions without their lawyers.

The Alliance added that the Port-Said Attorney General and the Public Prosecutor in Cairo had reports of the abduction of these young people two weeks before they were seen by the State Security's prosecutor. This explains the severe torture and extreme pressure put on them to extract confessions.

In conclusion, the Alliance's statement vowed to continue all non-violent activities till the ultimate defeat of the coup and the return of democratic legitimacy. It also urged human rights organizations to play a role in protecting the citizens and implementing the laws that protect the accused from being tortured by authorities to sign false confessions under duress.
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