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Freedom and Justice Party Statement Slams Unjust Sentence against Party Head, Leaders
Freedom and Justice Party Statement Slams Unjust Sentence against Party Head, Leaders
The junta's lopsided justice – which sentenced the FJP's chairman Mohamed Katatni and top party leaders to life in prison – is thus far clear evidence of the total collapse of the justice system under military rule.
Sunday, March 1,2015 06:15

 Saturday's absurd sentencing in the fabricated lawsuit known in the media as the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau incident underscores the blatant politicization of pre-canned verdicts by the Egyptian judiciary in the era of the military coup, the lack of the most basic standards and norms of justice, and the total collapse of the real process of litigation.

The military orders issued today in the form of judicial rulings against the Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni; and his deputy, Dr. Essam Erian; as well as Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the FJP's Executive Bureau, came days after Dr. Katatni revealed that the coup had tried to negotiate with him a compromise on the blood of martyrs of the horrid massacres of Rabaa, Nahda and the other inhuman bloodbaths after, which he refused, condemning the military coup against the elected President and the democratic process. That was the real reason for the disbanding of the FJP, the legitimate ruling party in Egypt.

The FJP, which won the trust of the Egyptian people in several consecutive elections, affirms that such politicized sentencing will not deter the party from the completion of the peaceful revolutionary struggle until the military coup is defeated and reversed, and revolutionary retribution achieved. Those unjust provisions will only double the steadfastness of FJP members in anti-coup marches in all Revolution streets and squares, as they persist and persevere on the path of anti-coup resistance to put an end to military rule and return Egypt's army to its real duties of protecting the borders, not hijacking the homeland's destiny and humiliating its people.

Saturday - November 28, 2015
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