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National Alliance Statement Calls 'Save Egypt' Week of Peaceful Revolutionary Protest
National Alliance Statement Calls 'Save Egypt' Week of Peaceful Revolutionary Protest
Egypt's Anti-Coup Alliance renews its pledge to continue the march with a revolutionary week under the title "Save Egypt".
Saturday, February 28,2015 07:00
Every day, Egyptians' certainty that there can be no justice or law under a coup gang who only produces unjust verdicts and corrupt laws, imagining that it can crush the Revolution. However, this great Revolution will triumph over the murderous junta, and wrest the rights of all the people, including all workers, farmers and students.

The picture of the junta's repressive revenge and criminal acts has become clear. Everyone must now determines their correct choices and announce their correct positions. Young people are imprisoned, workers displaced and revolutionaries arrested and killed, while the murderers and the corrupt officials of ousted Mubarak's gang are discharged, acquitted and exonerated. Meanwhile, poverty increases, economic collapse approaches faster than ever, and the high cost of living has caught everyone.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance solemnly salutes all the men, women and children of the Revolution, who remain steadfast in all the streets, squares and villages of Egypt, who were not intimidated by arbitrary arrests, barbaric raids or brutal violations by coup forces in police stations, detention centers and junta jails.

The Alliance renews its pledge to Egypt and all Egyptians to continue the Revolution to the finish, at the beginning of a new revolutionary week, under the title "Save Egypt".

Egyptians have no time to waste. We must save Egypt. Save the homeland before the failed Al-Sisi gang auctions it off to the highest bidder. Save state institutions before they the murderers, Al-Sisi gang, destroys them. Save Egyptians' lives and social cohesion. Save the poor from the evil of the coup and its terror.

We will not retreat or cower from the Revolution's demand to end military rule. We will not negotiate with the heinous murderers, nor allow the collapse of the state. We will not listen to calls to violence, nor accept the junta's repression and daily abuse and violations. We will not relinquish the rights of the martyrs or popular will. We will not compromise on the freedoms of Egyptians and their demands to live in freedom, human dignity and social justice

The people made the Revolution, and – with God's help – will achieve victory. Young people in this Revolution have learnt important lessons from past mistakes. The future will be nothing like the past, but there needs to be a decisive phase. Then, the criminal gang will find itself where it belongs.

May God save Egypt and Egyptians' blood

Down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – February 26, 2015
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