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Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement on Junta Freezing of Members Funds, Assets
Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement on Junta Freezing of Members Funds, Assets
The ERC issues a statement vowing resistance till victory, adding that its members' frozen funds are but a small sacrifice when compared with what the patriotic men and women of the Revolution have selflessly given their homeland.
Saturday, February 21,2015 03:52

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) was both surprised and pleased to hear the news that the fascist coup regime in Egypt has frozen funds and assets of some ERC members.

The ERC is surprised at the delay in taking this pointless decision. The ERC is also pleased this decision has been issued, because it is evidence that the ERC is on the right path, that its action is making waves, hurting the murderers, the usurpers of power.

The ERC challenges the fascist coup regime to show a single piece of evidence to prove its false claim that the members targeted in the feckless decision had financed (individually or collectively) operations to kill army and police personnel.

This failed regime cannot even make up a decent plot. Absurdly, it accuses our Christian colleagues who reside in Australia of being leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the ERC re-affirms that it has irrefutable evidence of coup crimes against the Egyptian people and other friendly nations. The ERC will continue to work to expose coup crimes all over the world. The ERC will not be intimidated by such actions as the freezing of funds and assets, which we deem trivial – compared with the sacrifices made by our steadfast heroic people inside Egypt. The perpetrators of this crime will be tried, soon, upon this evidence, before fair Revolution courts.

Long live the revolutionary men and women of Egypt

Glory to the Martyrs

We Will Triumph

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