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Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Vows Revolt Till Victory
Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Vows Revolt Till Victory
Egypt's broadbased pro-democracy Alliance condemns Al-Sisi's hunt for Gulf cash, and his relentless brutal mass-murders against the Egyptian people throughout the homeland.
Saturday, February 14,2015 05:56

The Revolution moves forward, committed to its principles, carefully developing its ideas and actions. It will not subside until victory. Its current wave of rage and revolt (Egypt Speaks Revolution) has succeeded in making everyone realize that the people of Egypt will remain vibrant with pride and dignity.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance appreciates the Egyptian people's raging non-violent protest. It solemnly salutes the men and women of Egypt's Revolution, who have conquered fear and the terror dealt brutally by the military junta. Only by continuing the Revolution till victory will there be hope for decent living, justice, dignity, or freedom.

The Alliance announces the continuation of the Revolution in the "Down with the rule of murderers" week of popular protest. Coup supporters, at home and abroad, bet on the failing Al-Sisi and his gang of criminal losers. Those junta supporters must change their absurd positions in light of the generals' clear and catastrophic failure in all respects. They will never bring advance Egypt's interests, nor offer the people a better present or future.

The coup has put Egyptian citizens in deepening crises in their daily lives, even killing them in the streets, at football stadiums and everywhere. He neglected Egyptians abroad, only seeking to plunder Gulf funds for himself and his gang. The putschists' panting media efforts, in the east and the west, will not succeed in appeasing their so-called partners, after the recent scandalous leaked recordings.

The Revolution will move from strength to strength, unstoppable. Growing popular participation and support by all segments of society is its beating heart. Egyptian youth are the Revolution's capable leaders and heroes. Sacrifices by the martyrs and the innocent detainees, who stand steadfast despite the dark dungeons and the torture chambers, are the price they pay on the road to victory.

God save Egypt and Egyptian blood

Down with the rule of the generals, the murderers and thieves

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – February 13, 2015

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