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Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Affirms Revolution Message Heard
Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Affirms Revolution Message Heard
Today (Friday), the Egyptian people proved that they stand united against the unjust dictator, rejecting the so-called murder mandate and the participation in massacres of the innocent, sending the despot a message that today is yet another shameful defeat added to his catastrophic failures.
Saturday, February 7,2015 07:41

The path of the Revolution is clear for everyone who wants to live a free and dignified life; and the path of treason, betrayal and participation in the spilling of innocent blood is also clear.

Today, the Egyptian people proved they reject junta terrorism and that they are aware the chaos in the streets is a creature of the blundering military rulers.

It's a new day of forceful but peaceful progress for the Egyptian Revolution and the great people of this dear homeland.

Today, protesters chanted: "The people want to overthrow the regime". They will achieve their goals sooner than the criminal Al-Sisi and his cronies think. The hour of retribution is approaching fast. The Egyptian Blood spilled by the coup commander and collaborators will not go in vain as long as the Revolution continues in the streets and public squares, and so long as our hearts continue to beat in our chests.

Mohamed Montasser

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman


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