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Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement: Revolution Only Strategic Option to End Coup
Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement: Revolution Only Strategic Option to End Coup
The Egyptian Revolutionary Council issues a statement summing up the results of meetings with US officials and decision-makers.
Saturday, January 31,2015 06:02

As part of its efforts to support the Egyptian Revolution and inform the world about it, the legitimacy of its demands, and the true nature of the terrorist regime that has usurped power and is fighting the people in Egypt, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) formed a delegation comprised of Dr. Maha Azzam, Justice Walid Al-Sharabi, Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Dr. Abdul-Mawgood Dardery in order to meet a number of US administration officials and decision-making centers in the United States.

The ERC delegation then held meetings with representatives from the White House, US State Department, members of the US Congress, and a number of American research centers. During these meetings, we stressed the following:

1. What happened in Egypt on July 3, 2013 was a military coup that overturned the legitimacy of the democratically elected regime.

2. The US administration needs to take a clear stance towards the blatant violations of human rights in Egypt and the crimes committed by the terrorist regime represented by Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi who is endeavoring to install the pillars of his illegitimate coup.

3. The terrorist regime headed by Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is unstable and unsustainable and must not be supported or helped to stay on, otherwise the United States would be abandoning its commitment to the defense of fundamental human rights and democratic principles, which it says it has adopted for long decades.

4. The Egyptian judicial authority's continued persecution of political opponents of the military regime including judges, is a dangerous crisis. Those opponents and judges are now standing trial for demanding a return to the democratic process and consistent commitment to international standards of justice.

5. There is an urgent need for the return of the Egyptian social fabric to the state it was in before being sabotaged by the ruling military regime in Egypt.

6. The only legitimacy belongs with the Egyptian people. They have chosen their representatives in several fair and democratic elections after the Revolution. Political life in Egypt after the end of the coup must incorporate a great deal of pluralism and partisan participation by all colors of the political spectrum.

7. The army needs to return to its barracks and to keep out of Egyptian political life.

8. The Egyptian Revolution is non-violent. Recent events and entities that began to be formed to respond to the military crimes are a reaction to the absence of justice and neutral judiciary in Egypt, to the continuation of violence and systematic terrorism by the authorities and to severe repression of peaceful protests, in which coup security forces kill, arrest, torture, rape and commit untold violations of human dignity on a large scale.

9. The US administration is reminded to pressure the military government in Egypt for the release of the Egyptian-American citizen Mohamed Salah Sultan and all those detained on trumped-up charges.

10. The delegation highlighted the magnitude of the suffering of political prisoners in military junta jails, including legitimate members of the elected People's Assembly.

The meetings were positive, held in a good atmosphere, and ended in a recommendation for further constructive meetings and  dialogue to clarify the true picture of what is happening in Egypt.

Finally, the Egyptian parliament and ERC affirm that there is no change in their positions, and that the Revolution is the only strategic option to break the military coup, end the corrupt military rule in Egypt, and usher in a civil state that safeguards freedoms and respects the law; and that any diplomatic move abroad is meant only to support the revolutionary movement on the ground in Egypt, giving it a voice in all parts of the world.
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