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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Events in Sinai
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Events in Sinai
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement denouncing the horrid spilling of blood in the Sinai Peninsula.
Friday, January 30,2015 20:18
The Muslim Brotherhood is deeply concerned at the events unfolding in the Sinai, from the forced displacement of the people there, to the extermination of entire cities, the burning and destruction, to the killings and spilling of Egyptian blood. The Brotherhood is just as appalled at the latest bloodshed yesterday that claimed the lives of dozens of soldiers and Egyptians.

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that:

- The atrocities committed against the people in the Sinai must be stopped. Currently scores of Sinai people are being killed, their homes and farms torched, amongst many other heinous violations. There should be no more bloodshed.

- There is no solution to this situation, except by returning the army to its barracks, restoring to the people of the Sinai their rights and dignity, trying all the criminals, and exacting retribution for all the blood spilled.

May God protect our people in the Sinai from all harm

The Muslim Brotherhood
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