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Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Continued Junta Crimes Against Egyptian Women
Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Continued Junta Crimes Against Egyptian Women
Egypt's revolutionary women coalition slams relentless crimes of murder and arbitrary arrests by coup security forces against patriotic anti-coup women.
Saturday, January 24,2015 08:09

Hoda Abdel-Moneim, spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW), condemned the military junta and the coup regime's relentless campaign of brutal crimes against the patriotic daughters of Egypt, after coup militias killed on Friday afternoon Sondos Reda Abu-Bakr, a 17 years old peaceful female demonstrator, when junta forces attacked a non-violent anti-coup march in Asafra district in Alexandria.

In a press statement, Hoda Abdel-Moneim pointed that: "This cold-blooded murder comes at a time when the coup regime is supposed to allegedly celebrate the January 25 (2011) Revolution. In fact, the junta is sending all revolutionaries the message that the coup only exists to kill or abort the Revolution, and to eliminate all revolutionary manifestations in the homeland, even those highly civilized dignified demonstrations, hailed by the whole world.

"Men and women of the Revolution should respond to that message by persisting in their revolutionary activities which never stopped since four years ago, to eliminate tyranny, despotism and oppression, and to liberate the homeland from the repressive authoritarian military rule.

She added: "In fact, every day – as we witness more junta and coup crimes against girls and women of Egypt, everyone appreciates the greatness and nobility of the legitimate elected President, whose message to the people of Egypt empowered and promoted respect for women. This prompts everyone to support President Morsi and endeavor to restore the legitimacy that he symbolizes, whatever the price".
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