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Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Escalates January 25 Protest Campaign Preparations
Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Escalates January 25 Protest Campaign Preparations
The anti-coup coalition of groups and politicians urges all patriotic Egyptians to join the January 25, 2015 wave of peaceful revolutionary protests.
Tuesday, January 13,2015 06:25

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls on all the men and women of Egypt's Revolution to actively and positively participate in the second phase of the preparatory campaign events for the January 25 "Egypt speaks Revolution" protest rallies and activities. This phase begins with revolutionary mobilization throughout the homeland on Wednesday January 14.

The Alliance also urges the patriotic men and women of the Revolution to intensify efforts and increase the pace of the revolutionary awareness campaign before January 20, as follows:

First: Intensify and spread revolutionary awareness convoys into all parts of the country, making use of mechanisms of street media and direct contact to achieve a significantly high rate of persuasion before the January 25 wave of protests.

Second: Start direct and indirect communications with families of police, army and judiciary personnel, and endeavor to persuade them that the coup's mounting danger threatens them and Egypt as a whole with catastrophic consequences, so as to neutralize most of them before the January 25 revolutionary wave.

Third: All ambassadors of the Revolution abroad, including public figures and members of all movements, campaigns and coalitions, should do their part, by preparing for non-violent revolutionary events in the January 25 wave.

Fourth: Revolution media should continue to play its important role, adopting the language of Revolution and defiance, to motivate all segments of the public to participate in the January 25 revolutionary through all available media tools available to the Revolution.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Sunday - January 11, 2015
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