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Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Condemn Paris Attack Incident
Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Condemn Paris Attack Incident
Leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood describe attack on the Charles Hebdo newspaper in Paris as criminal and unjustifiable.
Thursday, January 8,2015 06:41

Dr. Azzam Tamimi and Mohamed Soudan, Muslim Brotherhood leaders, denounced the armed attack on the Charles Hebdo newspaper in Paris, France on Wednesday.

Mohamed Soudan, Foreign Relations Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm), said: "We condemn this criminal attack on the newspaper.

"No-one should rush into accusing Muslims of committing this crime. The matter should be left to investigators. Whoever is behind this is guilty of an unjustifiable crime... True Islam does not encourage violence."

For his part, Dr. Azzam Tamimi, leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain,  condemned the attack, adding: "If the perpetrators are indeed Muslims, that would have negative repercussions on Muslims in Europe as a whole, and in particular France. Right-wing extremists will try to use the incident to achieve political ends".
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