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Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Minya Denounces Church Attack Tuesday
Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Minya Denounces Church Attack Tuesday
Egypt's coalition of groups and politicians opposed to the illegitimate coup mourns the death of two policemen who were gunned down at dawn Tuesday as they stood guard outside a church.
Wednesday, January 7,2015 12:00
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Minya (south of Cairo) condemns the killing of two policemen in Minya at dawn Tuesday, in a new failure of the coup regime's security apparatus in protecting the safety of their own personnel, let alone the security of the homeland and the people.

The Alliance solemnly mourns the death of the two policemen. This incident brings back sad memories of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, where a bomb was blown up as Egyptian Christians celebrated the new year 2010, a violent incident that proved to be the handiwork of ousted Mubarak's Interior Ministry.

The Alliance warns the coup regime against blaming innocent people for these incidents when they are either 'media events' plotted and executed by the coup security forces themselves or criminal incidents in which relevant investigation authorities fail to  apprehend the real perpetrators.

The Alliance condemns the incident and demands a prompt and professional investigation, without delay, to arrest the murderers and bring them to trial. Indeed, the Interior Ministry usually plots and executes such crimes to terrorize the Copts into siding with the corrupt regime, especially before the forthcoming revolutionary wave of January 25, 2015.

The coup regime has clearly failed in protecting the safety and security of Egyptians in general, and the Copts in particular, including those who work in Libya, because the coup regime interferes in the Libyan people's internal affairs with a flagrant bias for hostile factions rejected by Libyans, thus threatening Egypt's own security.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Minya

Tuesday – January 6, 2015


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