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Military Junta Regime Freezes Funds of 112 Anti-Coup Opposition Leaders
Military Junta Regime Freezes Funds of 112 Anti-Coup Opposition Leaders
In its wisdom, the cash-strapped junta in Egypt seizes opposition leaders' funds.
Monday, January 5,2015 06:04

 A committee appointed by the murderous coup commander in Egypt issued a list of 112 opposition leaders, taking further an unjust court ruling. Acting through Egypt's Central Bank, the committee sent an official letter to banks operating in Egypt on December 17, 2014, instructing them to freeze those leaders' funds.

The list includes four Revolution youths: Haitham Mohammadeen and Hisham Abdul-Rasool, Revolutionary Socialists movement leaders; Amr Ali, April 6 movement coordinator; and Khalid Al-Sayed, Youth for Justice and freedom movement leader.

In addition to these four young men, the junta's list of opposition money to freeze and seize includes Ahmed Morsi, son of the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi, and Talaat Afifi, Religious Affairs Minister in President Morsi's government.

The list also includes leaders from opposition parties and movements, such as Imad Abdul-Ghafoor, President of the Watan Party; Mohamed Mahsoub, Deputy Chairman of El Wasat Party, Magdi Hussein, head of the Istiqlal (Independence) Party; and Alaa Sadek, the sports critic.
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