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Bishr Family Denounces Ill-Treatment, Denies Discussion of Political Situation With Regime
Bishr Family Denounces Ill-Treatment, Denies Discussion of Political Situation With Regime
Morsi government minister's family rejects as utter lies reports of an interview with him while in custody.
Friday, January 2,2015 06:30

 The family of Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, Local Development Minister in the government of the legitimate President Morsi, affirmed that Dr. Bishr did not communicate with security authorities or any other party, while in jail, regarding the political situation in the country. Dr. Bishr is still held hostage in a junta jail.

In a statement released by his son, Hani Bishr, on his Facebook page, the family said: "Everything published in any form, regarding this alleged discussion between Dr. Bishr and government officials is totally false.

"For the second time, the family appeals to all media establishments to commit to accuracy and the professional code of journalism, and refrain from broadcasting news with supposedly anonymous sources regarding Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr."

Dr. Bishr's family further added: "While his suffering in the notorious Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison does not receive sufficient media attention, we read false reports and misinformation attributed to Dr. Bishr, with resulting incorrect inferences and conclusions.

Dr. Bishr is only allowed very short visits in which he sees his family for only few minutes, from behind a glass wall. He is deprived of his basic rights, suffering subhuman treatment, and facing false charges and fabricated evidence".
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