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Amr Darrag Mourns Mohamed Hamid, Last Martyr of Revolutionary Movement in 2014
Amr Darrag Mourns Mohamed Hamid, Last Martyr of Revolutionary Movement in 2014
Junta militias in Egypt kill a third-year medical student in a peaceful anti-coup protest in the last hours of 2014.
Thursday, January 1,2015 18:40

Dr. Amr Darrag, head of the political Bureau of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council and leading member of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, mourned Mohamed Hamid, a university student who was shot dead by junta militias Wednesday, hours before the end of the year 2014.

In a Tweet, Dr. Darrag said: "Mohamed Hamid, a medical student at Azhar University, was killed Wednesday night in a peaceful protest march – the last martyr of 2014. Egypt talks Revolution."

The anti-coup protester, student Mohamed Hamid, was killed by junta security forces while participating in a non-violent demonstration in the 10th of Ramadan city in Sharqiya (in the Nile Delta).

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