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Revolutionary Women Coalition: Military Council is the Culprit in All Crimes
Revolutionary Women Coalition: Military Council is the Culprit in All Crimes
Egypt's revolutionary women coalition marks anniversary of junta violence incident (against innocent supporters of democratic legitimacy) with a statement slamming the military council as the mastermind behind all the homeland's crises and troubles.
Tuesday, December 16,2014 07:34
Marking the third anniversary of the Cabinet building clashes (December 16), the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) affirmed that one culprit is responsible for all the crimes and violations against all Egyptians, especially Egyptian women: the military council.

In a statement, RCEW said: "Monday marks the anniversary of the Cabinet building clashes, where security apparatuses committed many violations against girls and women of Egypt. The images of the "lynched" girl, the peaceful protester dragged on the ground by heavily armed policemen, are still remembered by every Egyptian and every revolutionary who came out demanding freedom four years ago".

RCEW said that the military junta, with its fascist machine of repression, tyranny and persecution, had always been the "hidden hands" behind the brutal treatment of revolutionaries, since January 2011 and until now. RCEW added that it was certainly the military junta that attacked, killed and assaulted revolutionary men and women of Egypt, and has always been plotting, endeavoring to drive a wedge between the revolutionary parties as those turned out in demonstrations and various peaceful activities, with the aim of demonizing the January 2011 Revolution, which awed the whole world.

"Let us not forget, it was the military council which lay the seeds of the coup, assaulted the "lynched" girl, violated the sanctity of Egyptian girls for the first time with the so-called virginity tests of female activists and revolutionaries, inside a military prison, and then went on to use sniper fire to terrorize and kill girls, and shamefully arrested girls and women – all of which are heinous crimes we are still suffering now.

"The Egyptian Revolution, where youths suffered tremendously in the past four years, must now know who its enemies are, and who are its allies... Most masks have fallen, especially after the 'exoneration' of ousted Mubarak, as the blood-stained hands of the coup commanders were exposed in the illegal acquittal of the corrupt gang.

"The memory of those events must drive us to close ranks and unite, in order to restore the democratic process, which was the most important of the January 25 (2011) Revolution gains. It is not acceptable now to abort the Revolution or abandon the path of democratic transformation. The blood of Egyptian youths, of the revolutionaries, demands now that we unite to restore constitutional legitimacy and the real victory written with the groans and blood of the Revolution's martyrs and wounded."


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