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President Morsi Support Campaign: Leaks Reveal Military Coup and Junta Truth, Injustice
President Morsi Support Campaign: Leaks Reveal Military Coup and Junta Truth, Injustice
Military junta must reverse its illegitimate coup in Egypt and let this homeland's army get back to its sacred duty of protecting the borders, especially after the recent scandalous leaks of conspiracy and illegal intrigue.
Saturday, December 6,2014 14:12
The People Defend President Morsi (PDPM) campaign affirms that leaks announced by the Mekammileen (We shall continue) satellite TV channel, which included discussions among Egyptian military, judicial and police senior officials to forge evidence regarding the place where the junta detained the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, reveals the oppression he suffered, and the level of corruption that permeates the military coup camp; and defines the details of a major crime that necessitates the suspension and investigation of all involved.

PDPM stresses that the conspiracy thus revealed damages the military establishment and its history, and makes it necessary for the army to reverse direction, get back to its sacred duties of defending the homeland's borders, put right all it has done in the illegitimate military coup, and bring the murderers and corrupt officials to trial.

PDPM further stresses that military junta youths who have recently been attacking President Morsi must issue an apology for their remarks and statements which reflect their role covering up injustice and falsehood, reveal they used their groups and movements to serve the military coup and the junta, and also reveals why it is very difficult for these junta youths to close ranks with the people behind the January 25 Revolution banner.

PDPM hailed all revolutionary Egyptians who have stood steadfast in solidarity of President Morsi, defending his rights and the rights of all Egyptians to a dignified life, freedom, human dignity and social justice, stressing that the constitutional legitimacy issue is a matter of principle, supporting popular will and democracy, not any specific person or faction, and that therefore breaking the military coup means the return of full constitutional legitimacy.
PDPM called on all parties that slipped into the quagmire of the illegitimate military coup to quickly apologize and unite behind national constants, return to the ranks of the true revolutionaries, and abandon pointless arguments that can only bolster repression, tyranny and the coup, and will not impact true revolutionaries who never left liberty squares across the homeland.

No recognition of the military coup – No retreat from the Revolution – No compromise on the martyrs' blood

Cairo – December 5, 2014


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