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Itehadia Martyrs Families Association Condemns Continued Coup Trampling of Rights
Itehadia Martyrs Families Association Condemns Continued Coup Trampling of Rights
The second anniversary of martyrs killed in clashes outside Itehadia Palace on December 5, 2012 finds no retribution, although the murderers are well-known to all.
Friday, December 5,2014 08:09

 The Itehadia Martyrs Families Association (IMFA) said in a statement Thursday: "Having seen how the court is handling this Itehadia trial, we find that it has absurdly reversed the situation and excluded eight martyrs, refusing to accept them among the victims, as if they have no right to retribution.

"On the second anniversary of the Itehadia clashes, we call for an immediate halt to this farcical trial, which excluded most of the victims' families. Instead, a prompt and impartial investigation should be launched, which should consider all the evidence we have given. The real perpetrators must be brought to trial. They are still spreading their venom into the society."

IMFA added: "We will present all the witnesses and evidence we have to relevant international institutions, if local institutions insisted on continuing to ignore and exclude us and not pay attention to our demands."

Eight Muslim Brotherhood members, including Mohamed Mamdouh Al-Husseini, were killed in Itehadia Palace clashes two years ago, along with left-wing journalist Husseini Abu-Deif. Muslim Brotherhood martyrs have not been included in this lawsuit, where President Mohamed Morsi, his aides and Brotherhood officials are being tried for the Itehadia Palace clashes.
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