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Tue927 2022

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Aisha Al-Shater Condemns Coup Lynching of Azhar University Female Student
Aisha Al-Shater Condemns Coup Lynching of Azhar University Female Student
Many scenes of unprecedented coup forces brutality against female students at universities across Egypt have offended all citizens, even staunch coup supporters.
Friday, November 21,2014 06:06

 Aisha Al-Shater, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood's Vice-Chairman, criticized security coup forces who were seen lynching and arresting female students inside Al-Azhar University (east of Cairo), roughly manhandling them, often dragging them on dirty asphalt.

Commenting on pictures and a video clip where a female student was roughly pulled and dragged on the ground as she screamed, with coup policemen forcing her inside an armored vehicle, Aisha said: "This student who was so lynched and manhandled in her university carried no weapon, committed no crime to deserve being dragged in this barbaric manner into an armored vehicle inside the university campus.

"I challenge coup media to broadcast those scenes of the female student's lynching inside Al-Azhar University in TV programs."
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